About Us

Hotel Sourcing

Save time, money and headaches.

We leverage a vast network of well-respected hotel partners around the world. After we learn about your needs, we research thoroughly to find the best fit. At every step, we consult with you and gain your approval. We work as your “invisible” partner.

We work for you...so your program works for everyone. 

Once we find your ideal property, we negotiate a tough but fair contract. Ultimately, the property compensates us. This means you don’t pay KPN. It also means you can free up valuable time, energy and financial resources.

Count on us for what counts most.

While you might be able to negotiate a decent contract with a property, we have ways to save you more money and time. Here’s how.

  • KPN is well known and trusted. Properties want to do business with us and are willing to go the extra mile. We pass the savings and concessions on to you. (This includes hotel points, when applicable.)
  • KPN’s founder Tricia Lam knows both sides of the business. For years, she worked on the hotel side. She knows what to ask for, and has long-term relationships with key people all over the world. 
  • KPN has an outstanding reputation as a tough but fair negotiator. We will secure a contract that will benefit you and achieve your program objectives.
  • We maintain low overhead. You don’t pay for unnecessary staff or large, fancy offices. And, we work for you. We are your advocates.
  • We make the process easy for you. We handle the demanding back-and-forth calls, emails and tiny details. Throughout the process, we communicate all steps and options. You have the final say and approval.
  • We focus on what provides the best savings and value. We negotiate concessions with real value to you. 

We make you look good and make sure it stays that way.

We love what we do and are proud of maintaining a collaborative relationship with customers and hoteliers. We’re transparent too. At every step, you will know what is happening. You’ll even receive a report at the end detailing how much time and money you saved.

Our Steps

Our Steps, Your Success

All programs are unique. Our hotel and savings packages are too. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all solution, but we do utilize a clearly defined process. Here is how we work.


Getting to Know You

  • We spend time learning about your company, program budget, program objectives and special considerations.


Developing Your Request for Proposal (RFP)

  • We craft a customized, detailed RFP. (We’re proud of our personalized approach and never use generic online forms.) We provide the RFP to the hotels with the greatest potential to suit your needs.
  • Our extensive global network includes major hotel chains, independent hotels, DMCs (Destination Management Companies), CVBs (Convention and Visitor Bureaus) and other industry vendors.


Finding the Perfect Value

  • After receiving the proposals, we evaluate them according to your objectives. No detail gets overlooked. We then compile our recommendations.


Our Recommendations - Your Review

  • You receive a comprehensive, highly personalized summary of top hotel recommendations. As part of this, we share all of the hotels we researched.


Venue Inspection

  • Would you like to see the venue before making your selection? KPN will coordinate this and provide a detailed itinerary for your team and any vendors.
  • Upon completion, we ask for your critique and direction on the next steps.


Contract Negotiations & Approval

  • Once you select the property, we negotiate the rates, concessions, and any additional clauses needed to protect your company. We take great care – and as much time as needed – to obtain the perfect package.
  • We make as many revisions as necessary. Whether it’s 1 or 10, we will get you the ideal contract.
  • We then present the final contract for your review, approval and signature.


Post Contract Signing

  • After we receive the countersigned contract, KPN provides a turnover email notifying the hotel that you are now the primary contact.
  • We then step to the side, but remain available as needed before, during or after your program. If issues arise, we can help. For example, we can assist with negotiating adjustments for room inventory levels (high or low) and/or clarification on contract terms.


Your Savings & Historical Data

  • KPN will provide you a detailed report with all of the savings negotiated and realized. Highlights include financial savings to your company, overall hours and time saved.
  • For any programs we work on, we will also obtain historical meeting data on guest rooms actualized, catered food and beverage revenue, and audio-visual expenses. These statistics can prove valuable for your next great program. You’ll understand why we did – or did not – recommend each one.

At every step, we stay in communication with you – and any properties involved. We respect everyone’s role and work diligently to ensure transparency and collaboration.

What We Do

KPN acts as an extension of your team in selecting a hotel venue and negotiating the contract. We free you up and save you money

Our goal is to minimize the stress and maximize the success of your program. We remove your need to wrangle the labor-intensive steps of researching properties and negotiating rates and concessions. 

We specialize in hotel sourcing and negotiation. We maintain a vast network and have solid relationships, many of them decades old. We know where to go, who to talk to and what to ask for. Because of this, we can achieve efficiencies and savings that other companies cannot.

KPN’s pillars are simple, but solid:

  • Focus solely on hotel sourcing and contract negotiation.
  • Communicate with you (and the competing hotels) conscientiously, and with integrity and utter transparency.
  • Partner seamlessly and make you look good at every step.
  • Respect everyone involved.
  • Streamline the labor-intensive, time-consuming task of hotel research.
  • Maximize savings through our relationships and negotiating expertise.
  • Add value by providing the best package, concessions and highly personalized service